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GlobeCoRe, Inc. offers Psychological Global Consulting Services in Atlanta, GA

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Company Profile

GlobeCoRe, Inc

Founded: 2010

Owner: Dr. Kelly M. Lewis

Areas of expertise: 
Therapy, coaching, psychological evaluation, personal & professional development, research & evaluation.

Our Team

Dr. Kelly M. Lewis, Licensed Psychologist, has expertise in individual, couples, family, group therapy & coaching, psychological evaluation, personal & professional development, research & evaluation. She has received numerous awards for her national/international work in these areas. 

Consultants. Our highly skilled team of expert psychological evaluation consultants work to promote optimal health among our clients and assist in the prevention of their further emotional, behavioral and cognitive challenges. Our expert consultants in 
research, evaluation & training have assisted large and small organizations across various industries on multi-year projects nationally and internationally to achieve their outcomes.  

Interns/Practicum Students. Our graduate and undergraduate level interns & practicum students obtain hands on supervised experience in research, evaluation & clinical work. 

We are an Atlanta based Psychological and Global Consulting Practice providing comprehensive and cost effective empowerment services to diverse individuals, families, groups and the institutions that serve them. All of our counselors and consultants are highly trained Ph.D., Masters or Bachelors level professionals with diverse theoretical and practical orientations.

Our Philosophy: to work with you to overcome adversity and secure fresh perspectives and new opportunities for the next phase of life. We are committed to your growth and to providing empowering approaches that get you back on track and to the next level of development. We value growth and sustainable change that is participatory, empowering, results driven, and that meets clients where they are.

Our Mission: to empower people, programs, and communities to be more effective.  We aim to guide and support you by promoting caring, dignity, respect, loyalty, and cultural diversity in all that we do. 

Our Vision: Better People, Better Programs, in a Better World

Who We Are