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GlobeCoRe, Inc. offers Psychological Global Consulting Services in Atlanta, GA

Relationship Coaching

Our Relationship Coaching Program helps you find greater fulfillment in your personal relationships. We work with you to set relationship goals, understand current partnerships or establish new ones, thrive inside your marriage, or take your relationship to the next level. You will create your own relationship vision/goals/objectives as well as that for you as a couple. This means that we can also work with people who are not yet in a relationship. We work with singles who have a history of troubled relationships, difficulty of knowing what they want in relationships, or those wanting to stay on track with their plan to find a deeper connection with someone. This coaching program is suited for individuals as well as partners and includes psycho-education on communication, conflict resolution and other coaching tools meant for couples. We take healthy people and relationships and make them high performing. 

Career Coaching
Our Career Coaching Program aims to help you maximize your potential and achieve your optimal career and employment goals. We support you in early career development, preparation for graduate school and other advanced professional degrees, negotiating the politics of graduate school and faculty positions in academia, thesis and dissertation processing, employment, career change, job searching, job advancement, entrepreneurship, work-life balance, self-care, negotiating cultural work/school challenges, leadership development, and team building. Identifying your purpose and aligning it to a career path that will allow you to walk in purpose is the key. In this way you will utilize your personal gifts and derive meaning, value, and success from your work. Through our Career Coaching Program, we can help you get there! 

In our coaching programs, we do not examine past childhood traumas or unhealed childhood wounds. This is best explored in our therapy programs.  Rather, our coaching program helps you find peace with where you are now and where you are going.

Through our coaching program, we offer life coachingcareer coaching, relationship coaching,and executive coaching in Atlanta that is culturally sensitive and focused on helping you to achieve your personal and professional goals and ambitions. Through a collaborative process, we guide you to a deeper sense of awareness about your inner purpose and potential, while helping to develop your skills and abilities, and boosting your confidence and performance. We also help you to proactively manage circumstances and transform them into solutions. Change is possible and you can achieve!

Life Coaching

Our Life Coaching Program assists you in securing fresh perspectives and new directions for the next phase of life. You are wonderfully made in body, mind and spirit. Success is within reach and we want to help you get there! Our Life Coaching Program aims to support you in living on purpose, achieving self-care and balanced living, embracing change, gaining spiritual development, walking in faith and boundary setting.

Executive Coaching
Our Executive Coaching Program helps to enhance your leadership and management performance and development. Using a customized and holistic development process that provides deep behavioral insights intended to accelerate business results and effectiveness as a leader, we help you to enhance your self-awareness, sustain positive change and improve your performance as a leader. Our goal is to facilitate greater clarity and prioritization, greater focus, improved decision-making skills, enhanced creativity, renewed commitment and confidence, improved balance in all aspects of life, greater effectiveness and better performance.


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