We conduct customized cultural immersion experiences on a variety of topics in a variety of countries for varying lengths of time with the aim of challenging participants cultural and individual assumptions about self and identity while instilling cultural fluency. As a traveler, you will learn to become more aware of cultural similarities and differences through education, training, experience, travel and work.  In the process you will gain a deeper understanding of a very different culture and of yourself by living as a member of a local community, participating in experiential learning activities and actively engaging in the local culture. We do this by actively integrating program participants into unfamiliar community, encouraging interaction with local people, and engaging in daily living and language. All of this occurs while exposing travelers to specific social issue that challenges the people of the host country and in turn challenge travelers notions of themselves and others. Participants generally go through a personal and professional transformation  on our immersion trips and return home completely changed!

Our cultural immersion experiences are designed by educators/former university study abroad directors and are geared towards students, educators, medical professionals, clergy, business and working professionals in: universities, medical and public health communities, churches, corporations. We also offer opportunities for university faculty and school leaders (e.g. teachers/administrators) to bring study abroad experiences to their students at their institution/department without having to do all the extensive legwork required to facilitate a safe, affordable, educational and fun trip.  We take that burden off your shoulders and through our innovative cultural immersion model, offer ways for educators to receive an all expense paid trip abroad with the possibility of compensation and teaching credit without the extensive planning and implementation that comes along with creating and running a study abroad trip on your own. A sampling of our signature cultural immersion experiences are listed below, however, we also tailor offerings for your organizations' specific needs and topic areas. 

Cultural Immersion Experiences 

Our Cultural Immersion programs  give travelers the opportunity to develop personally while exploring the history, culture, and psychology of a country abroad within a variety of experiential learning and community contexts. We seek to challenge your senses and enhance your perspective on life by improving your awareness, identity, and sense of self while establishing purpose, developing knowledge, skills and potential, building human capital, and contributing to the realization of dreams and aspirations. Sample offerings include:  

Explore Your Senses: Global Expeditions through Tanzania-Zanzibar

Explore Your Senses: Global Expeditions through Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Explore Your Senses! 


Working with Dr. Kelly and her GlobeCoRe team on a study abroad trip significantly reduces the amount of work and stress a program director typically experiences.  Planning a study abroad is a huge amount of work, but when you work with Dr. Kelly's team, she takes care of all the in-country arrangements and anything else you need.  The only thing you need to work on are things from the university's end (e.g., promoting your trip and accepting students) and her team can do that if your institution allows it.  Only having to manage the university's side of things is at least a 50% reduction in the amount of work planning a study abroad requires. Another large benefit to working with Kelly is that during the trip you aren't in a country on your own managing a group of students by yourself.  There is someone else who can help address the inevitable wrinkles that arise in country.  It is great comfort to know that there is someone with you to help decide on a plan of action and execute it.  Dr. Kelly and her team are problem-solvers and can help you manage any problem, small or large. Having anyone be a partner would give you these benefits, but on top of these benefits, Dr. Kelly is fun, friendly, and inclusive.  I have fond memories of things we did together on our trips. Working with Dr. Kelly and team greatly improves the program director's workload, and also makes the trip more fun and enjoyable.  - Psychology Professor, Georgia State University ​​

Cultural Immersion Experiences

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