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We conduct customized cultural immersion experiences on a variety of topics in a variety of countries for varying lengths of time with the aim of challenging participants cultural and individual assumptions about self and identity while instilling cultural fluency.  As a participant you will learn to become more aware of cultural similarities and differences through education, training, experience, travel and work.  In the process you will gain a deeper understanding of a very different culture and of yourself by living as a member of a local community, participating in experiential learning activities and actively engaging in the local culture.   We do this by actively integrating program participants into unfamiliar community, encouraging interaction with local people, and helping them understand the way others live in that community by being there and engaging in daily life activities. Participants generally go through a personal and professional transformation  on our immersion trips and return home completely changed!

Our cultural immersion experiences are geared towards students, educators, medical professionals, clergy, business and working professionals in the following settings: universities, medical and public health communities, churches, corporations. A sampling of our signature cultural immersion experiences are listed below, however, we also tailor offerings for your organizations' specific needs. 

We Promise To Challenge Your Senses & Enhance Your Perspective on Life! 

Cultural Immersion Experiences

Cultural Immersion Experiences 

Our Cultural Immersion programs  give travelers the opportunity to develop personally while exploring the history, culture, and psychology of a country abroad within a variety of experiential learning and community contexts. We seek to challenge your senses and enhance your perspective on life by improving your awareness, identity, and sense of self while establishing purpose, developing knowledge, skills and potential, building human capital, and contributing to the realization of dreams and aspirations. .​ Sample offerings include:  

Explore Your Senses: Global Expeditions through Tanzania-Zanzibar

Explore Your Senses: Global Expeditions through Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Explore Your Senses!