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When:           Next series - dates to be announced, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm: runs for 8 weeks every Monday night  

Cost:              $50 per session or $400 total. $50 to reserve your seat; 10 - 30 member capacity.

Location:       2250 North Druid Hills, Suite 265, Atlanta GA 30329

Facilitators:   Dr. Kelly M. Lewis 

Are you trying to let go of past hurts, habits, hangups, anger, fear, shame, guilt, regrets but feeling stuck? Do you want the hurt to stop but not sure how? Pretending like the hurt isn't there or that it doesn't bother you anymore won't solve your problems or make it go away. The biggest roadblock to healing is un-forgiveness.

Find Freedom in Forgiveness!

This personal development workshop is designed to help you finally find your freedom with forgiveness. Through self-examination, process, activities, and coaching, we'll walk you through a step-by-step process of what forgiveness is, how to use it in emotionally difficult life situations, and how to let go of the rest. Once you are able to forgive yourself and others, you'll feel more at peace, more relief, more happiness, and a renewed sense of energy that will change your life. Join us!

Workshop Aims:

  • ​Learn what forgiveness is and is not
  • ​Identify who you need to forgive and why
  • Be honest with yourself and learn how to forgive yourself
  • ​Get past your denial & recognize the hurt
  • Release the emotional pain by writing down your hurt and confessing it aloud to someone you trust
  • Recognize the gift amidst the pain
  • Find gratitude in your life lessons
  • Find peace in your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul

Forgiveness: The Secret to Letting Go