Larris Boston, Ed.S., Psychometrist, 


Larris Boston​​​, Ed.S.

My Services Offered

I created GlobeCoRe to service a wide range of diverse populations looking for many different services. I provide therapy to individuals who need empowerment and therapeutic intervention to better themselves and improve their life achievements.

I also provide psychological evaluations for people looking for deeper understanding and/or verification of their diagnosis as well as workshops, trainings, seminars, and retreats for personal and professional development. These training programs are created to help enhance one’s sense of sense and develop their professional capabilities.

On a global scale, I have created cultural immersion trips that offer opportunities for students and working professionals to travel to different countries around the world to expand their own awareness, identity, and sense of self while establishing purpose, developing knowledge, skills and potential, building human capital and contributing to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

What it is like being in session with me

I offer a completely culturally sensitive safe space, absent of judgment. I encourage you to come as you are. Part of being culturally sensitive to the needs of others involves meeting you where you are. I provide a supportive and empowering environment free of judgment. You will feel as though you can talk to me about anything. There are no limits on what you can say, and there is no need for censorship. While working with me, you will become more intentional and begin to see change and the solutions more clearly.

Treatment/Approach modality

I utilize a family system and interpersonal approach. These methods allow me to look beyond the presenting issues you may be facing and see how the world around you, and the context around your situation, has impacted you. I also focus on empowerment and solution-focused sessions. Whether you are looking for therapy, guidance, or a cultural experience, I can help you by creating an environment that is focused on your future, your strengths, and the goals that you have set for yourself.

My specialties

I am passionate about working with diverse populations around multicultural mental health issues and have spent my entire career building expertise in this area. Diversity stretches across numerous dimensions including race & ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, ability, personality, socioeconomic status. I bring that relatability into my sessions to help you understand your own strengths and power in a way this is sensitive to your diverse identity areas and needs. I work with clients to overcome clinical adversity in the workplace/school, relationships, with self, and in communities. I do this by employing solution-focused, culturally sensitive, and empowering therapy that facilitates positive growth in a safe, collaborative, and nurturing way.

I also help individuals find their purpose and love in their lives.

The world moves quickly, and everything may be passing you by. The stress surrounding you may make you feel as though you are at your wit’s end and ready to give up on finding your purpose and people you love in life. We all look for people, careers, and lifestyles that give us purpose and make us feel loved.

I am here to help you regain your strength and find what brings you the most joy in life, whether it is in career, family, a significant other, education, or a combination. I can help you learn tools that you can integrate to bridge the gap in what is missing in your life, which includes improving your work, school, and relationships by way of better boundaries, communication, living on purpose, and become an empowering point in your life.

Specialties include: depression and anxiety; trauma; racial, ethnic, and religious stressors; grief and loss; issues tied to self-esteem/identity, work-related or academic stressors; fertility, pregnancy, and parenting issues; finding purpose; finding deserving love; women issues

How therapy helps

There lies a clear stigma against therapy in many circles: Recognize that you are not “crazy.” In many diverse communities, there is a widespread negative stigma that surrounds therapy and is a major deterrent to seeking needed help. Start by recognizing that you are not “crazy.” We can all benefit from going to therapy and gathering support in working through our issues.

Life gets hard; and whether you are seeking help to address mental illness or simply to sort through overwhelming emotions and thoughts, therapy can help. Therapy is a supportive and educational space that anyone can use to better their livelihood. You should not fear the social stigma that surrounds therapy because ultimately, the support can aid you in becoming a more whole person. Not to mention nearly half of the U.S. population has sought out counseling support at some point in their lives. Therapeutic care is becoming far more common today, and most find it extremely effective.

My credentials

My mission is to grow GlobeCoRe to be a nationally recognized leader in multicultural mental health and empowerment. I aspire to grow GlobeCoRe to a place where we are making significant contributions to the science and practice of multicultural mental health. I want to continue to effect change and lead programs that promote mental, social, emotional, and inter-personal wellbeing of the diverse individuals and communities we serve across the globe.

I also look forward to continuing to work collaboratively in consultation with businesses, community members, government agencies, and community-based organizations to provide effective psychological and educational interventions that address psychosocial problems in the broader global community.

I am a Licensed Clinical and Community Psychologist (Georgia and Washington, DC) and the President of GlobeCoRe, Inc. with over 20 years of combined expertise in psychotherapy, consultation and supervision, psychological evaluation, workshops and training, and cultural immersion experiences across a number of topic domains. I received my B.A. in Psychology from DePaul University and my M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical-Community Psychology from Michigan State University. After completing my pre-doctoral residency at Yale University and my post-doctoral fellowship at Emory, I worked for several years as a consultant to the CDC and as a professor of Psychology at GSU and Walden University. I am currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Emory School of Medicine.

My hobbies

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, exploring new cultures, cooking, spending time with family/friends, enjoying the outdoors and adventure activities, and being near the water.


Dr. Lewis-Arthur was life-changing… the best therapist I ever encountered! I was really feeling down and couldn’t think straight. Once I saw Dr. Lewis-Arthur, she opened a window of life in my dark word. She helped me to understand that I didn’t have to close myself off from the world, nor would I be able to change things just being still. Dr. Lewis-Arthur has a saying about moving the squeaky wheels in order to make changes and see the results. I didn’t have a great relationship with my mother, and now I do thanks to Dr. Lewis-Arthur. I was dealing with a lot of hurt with the loss of my children and I was able to get on the ball and get my children back! ~Anonymous


Doctoral Degree (2011)
Education in Educational Leadership
Argosy University

Master’s Degree (2002)
School Psychology
Tennessee State University

Bachelor’s Degree (BS, 1999)
Tennessee State University


  • Psychometrist – Georgia
  • Education Specialist (Ed.S.) – Georgia

Honors, Awards & Memberships

  • National Association of School Psychologist
  • Georgia Association of School Psychologist
  • Association of Black Psychologists, 2002- 2006
  • Student Support Team Association for Georgia Educator, 2002-2008
  • National Education Association
  • Georgia Association of Educators
  • Organization of DeKalb Educators
  • Educators Psi Chi- National Honor Society in Psychology
  • National Dean’s List 

Clinical & Consulting Interests

  • Psychological Evaluations:  AD/HD, Autism, Emotional/Behavioral Concerns, Intellectual Deficiencies, and Learning Disabilities. Bariatric
  • Consultation: Aimed to organizations and individuals with issues of diversity and workplace development 

Personal Highlights

I administer and score tests and assist with reporting and feedback to clients. I also work to promote optimal health among our clients and assist in the prevention of their further emotional, behavioral and cognitive challenges.

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