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Live on Purpose: Create Your Extraordinary Life
​​​​​When:           Next series - dates to be announced, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm: runs for 10 weeks every Wednesday night  

Cost:              $50 per session or $500 total. $50 to reserve your seat; 10 - 30 member capacity.

Location:       2250 North Druid Hills, Suite 265, Atlanta GA 30329

Facilitators:   Dr. Kelly M. Lewis 

This personal development workshop is designed to help you find your purpose and develop authentic self-awareness and radical courage to manifest the extraordinary life of your dreams. Through self-examination, process, activities, and coaching, we work with you to find your values and walk in integrity with them so that you may wake up in the morning knowing you are on the right path. We want you to find your inner happiness. Life is an entirely difference experience when you know what guides you. Be mindful. Be conscious. Be deliberate. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Workshop Aims:

  • Get started living a life you love
  • ​Overcome fear & become courageous
  • ​Find yourself and what you were really purposed to do
  • ​Understand what true life happiness is and become happier 
  • Stop seeking approval from the mainstream; avoid the trap of validation and self-doubt
  • ​​Identify and articulate your purpose-driven goals
  • Find and live your purpose in life​

Live on Purpose: Create Your Extraordinary Life