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Personal Development Program

Our personal development program seeks to improve awareness, identity, and sense of self, establish purpose, develop knowledge, skills and potential, build human capital, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. Sample offerings include:

Live on Purpose: Create Your Extraordinary Life

Women's Wellness Weekend

* Love Thy Self: Self-Care from Within​​

* Secrets to Achieving Work-Life Balance

* Forgiveness: The Secret To Letting Go

We conduct customized personal & professional development workshops (half/full day), training, seminars and retreats on a variety of topics. Our personal & professional development programs are geared towards students, educators, clergy, working professionals and other leaders in the following settings: universities, medical and public health communities, non-profits, churches, government organizations, foundations, media & entertainment, business and industry. A menu of our signature personal & professional development programs is listed below, however, we also tailor offerings for your specific needs. 

Workshops & Trainings

Professional Development Program

Our professional development program seeks to increase the capabilities and capacities of staff, build and maintain staff morale, and attract higher quality and more diverse staff to organizations. Our professional development offerings also aim to improve employee awareness, identity, sense of self, and quality of life, while helping organizations meet their bottom line. Sample offerings include:

* Diversity Essentials: Cultural & Diversity Training in the Workplace

Secrets to Achieving Work-Life Balance

* Unity is Strength: The Power of Team Building 

* Victorious Leaders: Keys to Highly Successful Leadership Development

* ​Program Evaluation Essentials