Veteran Evaluations

We provide Evaluation Assessments for Veterans and Active Service Duty Members to better evaluate their eligibility for Compensation and Pension (C&P) Benefits Claims. Our exams are one-time, non-treatment exams for individual Veterans in the Georgia area. 

Bariatric Pre-Operative Evaluation

We offer pre-surgical psychological assessment to bariatric programs and weight loss surgery patients seeking approval for surgery. Psychological evaluations are usually required prior to bariatric surgery with a focus on ensuring that the client's mental health is sufficient for the surgery and its outcomes. We aim to help prepare patients mentally for the challenges ahead and identify potential barriers to help them achieve a successful post-operative lifestyle. Most surgical candidates are considered mentally healthy enough for the surgical procedure, however, we do offer special recommendations to assist clients with developing more effective coping skills, emotional support, and realistic expectations.

Psycho-Emotional Evaluation

Our psycho-emotional evaluations assess clients emotional functioning and well-being including their levels of depression and anxiety, personality styles, and specific psychological disturbances and their severity. We also offer brief and long-term psychotherapy support through our therapy programs to assist clients with psycho-emotional challenges and healing. 

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GlobeCoRe, Inc. offers Psychological Global Consulting Services in Atlanta, GA

Parental Fitness Evaluation

Our parental fitness evaluations assess the capacity of a parent to parent their children. Whether you are currently separated from your children or fearful that you could be separated from your children in the future, we provide objective testing that identifies your strengths and weaknesses as a parent and offer recommendations for improvement in areas where you may be struggling.  Our goal is to help you become the best parent you can be while maintaining the best interest of your children.

Psycho-Educational Evaluation

Our psycho-educational evaluations help clients gain an understanding of child, adolescent, and/or adult cognitive, academic, social-emotional and behavioral functioning. In particular, we assess cognitive/intellectual ability, academic achievement/processing, and a number of specific skills related to the learning process including gifted and talented evaluation and assessment of potential learning disabilities and behavioral challenges. 

Psychological Evaluation

We offer brief psychological evaluation and verification of diagnosis to individuals dealing with cognitive, academic, behavioral, social-emotional, psychological and/or parental fitness deficits. We also offer psychological evaluation to candidates for bariatric surgery to determine their psychological readiness for the procedure. Our aim is to connect diverse clients across the lifespan to needed psychological, social, and medical services using culturally relevant psychological evaluation approaches. We service children, adolescents and adults from diverse cultural backgrounds.  Our evaluations generally involve an initial psychiatric intake (clinical interview) in which we simply ask questions about the background of you and your family, followed by a testing session to examine the educational, psychological, cognitive and personality factors and skills in question.  Based on the results of the evaluation, we provide a report with recommendations through our final feedback session to help you become the best you that you can be.  Our flexible hours and convenient scheduling that includes evening and weekends by appointment, supports us in this mission. Payment due in full before psychological evaluation can begin.